Welcome to the 2019 Chapter 30 MMA Transit Project Scoring User GuideΒΆ

MMA is an anlytical lens and spatial/network analysis toolkit developed by Renaissance Planning Group to facilitate accessibility analysis for multimodal transportation and land use planning applications.

The first half of this guide provides an overview of the key terms and concepts behind accessibility analysis, the basics of analyzing accessibility, and the details of working with the MMA geoprocessing toolbox.

The Maryland Chapter 30 scoring process is a legislatively-mandated scoring system for evaluating transportation projects. The Chapter 30 scoring model evaluates projects across nine goals and twenty-three measures that were established in statute, using a combination of project data, modeling analysis, and qualitative questionnaires.

The second half of this guide focuses on the step-by-step process for developing accessibility scores for Chapter 30 transit project applications.


This documentation details steps used to score projects in 2019. Documention on procedures used during 2018 scoring can be accessed here.